who are we?
Boomerang Motorworks Pte. Ltd.
what do we do?
we lease & rent cars to a wide range of consumers
why we do what we do?
we are passionate about automotives and believe that everyone deserves to be behind the wheel of quality vehicles
how we do what we do?
we perform tasteful modifications and regular maintenance on our vehicles to ensure high quality within an affordable price range
Boomerang Motorworks is a new player in the automotive industry with the intention of making a difference in the industry. We believe in transparency in whatever we do, well taken cared of vehicles and well taken cared of customers! In the future, Boomerang aims to offer not just vehicle leasing and rental services, but also others such as accessory and vehicle maintenance workshops.

Our Partners

We are actively collaborating and partnering up with different companies to provide better services to our consumers.
Drop us an email to discuss on how we can collaborate or partner!
  • Conacea
  • 1st Auto Pro
  • EuroCarClubSingapore